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January 2013

EBDM incorporated as Dech Enterprise

We are proud to announce that EBDM has been incorporated as a private limited company and will now be officially known as Dech Enterprise (Private) Limited.

Dech is our new brand name, which has been formed through the combination of the words Development and Technology.

November 2012

Ministry SAFRON and UNHCR Launch an Afghan Refugee Survey Report

The Ministry of States and Frontier Regions (SAFRON) and the UN Refugee Agency have launched the final report of the Population Profiling, Verification and Response (PPVR) survey of Afghan refugees in Pakistan. The PPVR survey examined the specific needs of Afghans in Pakistan, and generated a more accurate and detailed description of the refugee population, including information about intention to return to Afghanistan, livelihoods, socio-economic and legal conditions. The PPVR exercise ended in December 2011 after survey teams had interviewed almost 1 million Afghan refugees, about 65 per cent of the total Afghan refugee population in Pakistan.

Please visit the website of UNHCR Pakistan to read the full press release and download the report.

April 2012

EBDM enters into an independent contract with UNHCR for Phase 3 of the Afghan Population Profiling Verification and Response (PPVR) programme.

March 2012

Professional Development Programme

EBDM re-launches its Professional Development Programme and finalises its plans and strategy to deliver high quality trainings to its clients and customers in areas such as monitoring & evaluation, practical professional skills in MS Excel and Word, proposal development, project management, logical framework approach, budgeting, basic data management, research & analytical skills, business process and workflow management etc. Together with training, services in conducting strategic planning and team building workshops have also been rolled-out.

Policies and Procedures

EBDM made a major investment in streamlining and upgrading its internal systems, policies and procedures for human resource management, training, administration, document management and project management. The upgraded systems will be implemented by April-end. EBDM conducts such activities to improve internal processes and also implement future client solutions first hand to monitor their effectiveness. Through this approach we ensure that we sell only the best and most practical and effective management solutions.

Pakistan Wetlands Programme

EBDM awarded consultancy for writing a terminal report for the Pakistan Wetlands Programme (PWP) comprehending its seven years of implementation. The PWP aims to promote the sustainable conservation of freshwater and marine wetlands and their associated globally important biodiversity in Pakistan. The Project strategy is based on two sub-sets of objectives. The first is to provide the required policy, institutional, technical and financial framework and generate positive public support essential for the mainstreaming of wetlands conservation. The second involves the design and implementation of progressive, participatory management plans for four independent Demonstration Complexes, each chosen to be representative of a broad eco-region in Pakistan.

Save the Children

EBDM delivers training on Digital Photography to photo journalists and media representatives in Badin.

January 2012

Phase 2 of the Afghan Population Profiling and Verification (PPV) programme is successfully completed covering data collection and reporting on 135,452 households and 974,961 individuals. A major milestone for EBDM is achieved, our methodology, strategy, analysis and software solutions tried and tested yet again with flying colours.

September 2011

EBDM establishes its second office in the capital city, Islamabad. This brings us closer to our key partners and clients and will further enable us to manage our on-going and future projects effectively.

May 2011

EBDM enters a strategic partnership with Comcept (Pvt) Ltd., its subsidiary TeleTaleem (T2) and partner organisation TeleSehat. Incorporated in 1992, and ISO 9001-2000 certified, Comcept (www.com-cept.com) consists of a team of 300+ multi-disciplinary professionals sharing diverse engineering exposure. Comcept has been a major contributor in some key telecom service launches in recent times. They develop and manufacture standard products as well as customized solutions in telecommunications, alternative energy, Special Purpose Electronic Modules, and management systems. Comcept has developed T2 (www.teletaleem.com) to build a highly efficient and scalable educational network, leveraging ICT drivers and knowhow for innovative learning technologies. T2's design has been optimized through collective inputs and efforts of leading Academicians, Technology & Industry Experts.

TeleSehat (www.telesehat.com) aims to bridge the urban-rural divide in healthcare services. At the same time it enables healthcare practitioners in expanding their practice base without making large investments that partly result in higher costs of healthcare services for patients.

EBDM will work with these companies in the areas of strategy, project management, research, monitoring and evaluation, contributing towards their efforts to grow and deliver services across the Country.

April 2011

EBDM is the technical partner of the Government of Pakistan's Ministry of States and Frontier Regions (SAFRON), the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and Basic Education for Awareness, Reforms and Empowerment (BEFARe) in the implementation of the Afghan Population, Profiling, Verification & Response (PPVR) project and the Study on Afghan Citizens' Contribution to the Economy of Pakistan (ACCE).

PPVR is primarily a census covering a comprehensive list of socio-economic indicators, which is one of the steps underway to identify and address the needs of the Afghan refugee population in Pakistan. The project is aimed at enabling the Government and UNHCR in taking informed and evidence-based policy and programming decisions. The PPVR pilot survey (September 2010 to April 2011) covering 15,000 households across nine districts was completed successfully and the project has now been scaled up to cover over 120,000 Afghan households in 25 districts of the Country by December 2011.

EBDM's role in implementation includes development of the project methodology and instruments, development and integration of various software applications for data collection, storage and reporting, training of field teams, internal monitoring, quality assurance, technical backstopping & oversight, data management, analysis and report writing.

For more details on the PPVR project, please visit the project website.

September 2010

ActionAid's proposal to the European Commission prepared by EBDM entitled "Support social protection and decent work of brick kiln workers and bonded labourers in Pakistan" worth € 1.7 million was successful. A great success given the tough competition in this global call for proposals. ActionAid's proposal was one of only 18 that were selected out of 381 concept notes submitted for this call.

July 2010

Cleaner Production Institute (CPI) - our M&E service client - succeeds in launching Phase II of the Programme for Industrial Sustainable Development (PISD), financed by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands.

April 2009

The € 1.35 million proposal that EBDM prepared for ActionAid for "Enhancing productive capacities and promoting sustainable agricultural practices amongst small scale farmers in eight food deficient districts of Pakistan" has been approved by the European Commission.