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Data Management

Data management is another area like M&E that requires significant attention in Pakistan particularly and other developing countries in general. In our years of interaction with organisations in various sectors and countries, both small and multi-nationals alike, we have almost always come across poor data management and architecture as one of the root causes of the problems at hand; and if it wasn’t the core problem, it surely turned out to be a major hindrance in planning for and implementation of the required solution. As such, developing this practice independently over time became more of a necessity.

We are now at a stage where we have not only identified the most common problems in this functional area but have also developed and refined various practices, standards and tools for effective data management. This practice of EBDM enables our clients in better planning, management, analysis, reporting, monitoring and evaluation of their work. In addition, through this practice we help our clients make the most out of their research initiatives.

Our expertise in this practice:

  • Advanced data management and architecture solutions
  • Data classification and standardisation
  • Data entry and validation
  • Interactive data entry systems
  • Storage and archiving
  • Data processing and cleaning
  • Data tabulation
  • Access and user management