Enterprise for Business & Development Management


We work with organisations aiming to deliver better results. Our extensive experience and research has made us capable of dealing with the complexity of business and development management. We specialise in multidisciplinary management and research solutions in various industries and sectors. We enable our clients and their stakeholders to achieve higher levels of development and we help them sustain growth. We work with people at all levels of the organisation building their capabilities and skills. We engage ourselves with the client, serving their best interest before ours. We offer honest and impartial advice to our clients irrespective of their size.

Our approach is to look at problems from various angles, present a range of options and recommend the path that would ultimately lead our clients to improved performance. Our work focuses on finding the most critical and challenging problems, developing successful strategies to address them, building effective organisations around those strategies and creating efficient delivery mechanisms using technology and innovation. We base our advice on facts and data, not mere assumptions. We emphasise on systems and integration. Our solutions are therefore futuristic and holistic.

At EBDM, each assignment is treated uniquely. We develop plans that can be followed through and we do this through undertaking work in strategy formulation, execution and evaluation.