Enterprise for Business & Development Management


At EBDM, we demand quality well beyond the best standards you might have delivered so far and we provide the environment, resources and platform that enables our team to produce that kind of quality work. Our team members find a challenging task at hand on a regular basis and with time seldom being a luxury that can be enjoyed, delivering high quality work over a short duration requires sound expertise and proficiency in the tools that we use. Required proficiency levels may range from having typing speed of over 45 words per minute and knowing office software applications like the back of your hand, to being an excellent planner and manager of your work.

So join our firm if you want to:

  • Grow as true professional on a global standard
  • Work on problems that others would think twice about before taking them on
  • Produce results that have lasting impact
  • Build expert level skills in your area of work
  • Become a member of a highly supportive and competitive team
  • Put your career on a steep development and learning curve

And only if:

  • You’re always sincere to your work
  • You possess excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • You have a command over the English language with excellent writing and communication skills
  • You’re an ethical, reliable and upright person
  • You’re a fast learner
  • You always pay attention to detail and strive for perfection
  • You can work well independently and you’re a great team player
  • You’ve had enough of mediocrity, corruption and complacency

If EBDM is the right place for you, kindly check for current vacancies and apply according to the procedure specified.