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In 1989 Mr. Mazher Hussain Tawawalla launched his consulting practice under the name of HT Consultants (HTC). His vision at the time was to re-introduce the monitoring and evaluation practices through a Consultative, Interactive and Participative (CIP) approach. This was in response to the traditional M&E practices prevalent in Pakistan almost entirely in the non-profit sector as stand-alone policing systems. In an effort to improve data management and utilization practices, HTC also extended specialised services in the development and implementation of information and data management systems. Until the year 2007, HTC was a sole proprietorship operation.

In July 2007, Mr. Muhammad Kamran Khan Durrani joined Mr. Tawawalla as an equal partner. At this time HTC was formally re-launched as EBDM and registered under the Government of Pakistan’s Partnership Act of 1932, in Peshawar. With his arrival, Mr. Durrani carefully began to shape the Firm into its current form, emphasizing on commitment to growth, effectiveness and focused development of the Firm’s functional practice areas. His core principles, based on integrity and the idea of ‘leading and serving by example’ continue to help improve our services and products on one hand and our methods and internal functions on the other.

Since the very beginning, the Firm has enjoyed a close working relationship with Andel Consultants, a small consulting firm established in 1983 by Mr. Willem Adrian van den Andel - a senior international consultant with over 40 years of experience in the economic development arena. Andel Consultants is based in Tilburg, The Netherlands and specialises in development economics, economic and national accounts statistics, economic project evaluation and computer applications in statistics and economics. Soon after the founding of EBDM in 2007, this age-old relationship was formalised into a partnership between the two firms, to mutually collaborate and share resources in all aspects relating to technical and operational support. The two firms however continue to remain autonomous in all legal and financial aspects. EBDM and Andel Consultants now share a common profile as well as a common technical and human resource base that enables both firms to operate effectively at an international level.